Order travel plan

Full name

Date of birth


Phone number


Travel destination (country)

Travel destination (area(s) in the country of destination)

Duration of travel in days (from the day of departure to the day of arrival)

Number of people travelling

Maximum travel budget per person (incl transportation costs)

Preferable price level of accommodation and eating in the country of destination

Preference of local transportation (public transport, rental car, etc)


Description of preferable activities during the travel (e.g. sightseeing, visiting the sites of cultural heritage, nature and animals, hiking, adventure tours, shopping, beach vacation, etc)

Places and activities which must be included in travel plan

Special requirements regarding accommodation (e.g. only rooms with separate bath and WC, AC/fan required, etc.)

Other conditions which must be taken into account in the planning of travel (e.g. special health conditions, etc.)