The main services rendered by TravelSelf are travel counselling and preparation of individual travel plans.

TravelSelf assists its clients with making their trip a success because:

  • depending on the interests and possibilities of the client, the best itinerary in the client’s preferred destination is identified;
  • depending on the time limits and financial possibilities of the client, a detailed travel plan (incl. travel budget) is designed consisting of suggestions regarding sightseeing, local activities, accommodation and local transportation;
  • the client is given all possible suggestions and background information regarding his/her selected destination (e.g. culture, society, etc) and the conditions for entering the particular country (e.g. possibilities for obtaining visas, etc);
  • the client is given the best possible suggestions regarding the transportation possibilities for reaching to his/her selected destination (e.g. the best internet sites for booking the flights, etc);
  • TravelSelf constantly monitors the opinions and feedback given about different destinations in international travel blogs and forums in order to carry out background checks of the destinations;
  • the feedback from the client after his/her trip is taken into account in the design of future travel plans in order to constantly update travel information and make the service better and better.

Each travel plan has individul price. The price of preparing a travel plan depends on the length of the trip, preferred destination and requested level of details of the plan. The design of the plan will be generally more expensive for a trip to more exotic destination and a more detailed plan. The price of the plan will be agreed with a concrete client after the submission of Travel Plan Request Form and stipulated in the respective services confirmation.

Travel plan sample: Laos and Thailand