What is TravelSelf?

TravelSelf is an individual combined service for travel counseling and planning, assisting a client to choose and thoroughly plan the most suitable trip in his/her preferred destination depending on the interests, time limits and financial possibilities of the client. The objective of TravelSelf is to offer the planning service of best quality to the people who wish to travel different from the standard packages offered by travel agencies and are in need of individual travel programmes and a piece of good advice. TravelSelf is an ideal service for the person who loves travelling but does not have enough time, knowledge or possibilities to do the self-planning of his/her trip. TravelSelf is first and foremost targeted to people who prefer travelling independently or in a small group of friends-acquintance to the package trips in big groups.

The service is based on the individual experience which the team of TravelSelf consultants has gained during their own travel-planning and travelling. The team of TravelSelf has adventured to discover both South and Central America, South-East Asia, Africa and Europe. The experience gained during those successful trips allows TravelSelf to offer the most suitable and economically efficient travel plan for its clients and make many good suggestions with regard to the trip and destination.