How to order a travel plan?

  • To order a travel plan, the client will submit an electronic Travel Plan Request Form on the homepage of TravelSelf. This form will constitute a basis for further communication with the client.
  • A TravelSelf consultant will review the request of the client and contact the client in order to clarify the interest and possibilities of the client.
  • Thereafter the consultant will provide the client with a service offering.
  • In case the offering is acceptable, the client sends the confirmation of acceptance to TravelSelf by e-mail.
  • After the acceptance of the offering by the client, TravelSelf will issue an invoice for the advance payment of 50% and the client will make the payment by bank transfer for the preparation of the travel plan.
  • After receiving the prepayment, TravelSelf will start preparing the travel plan, consulting with the client on recurrent basis, if necessary, and clarifying the needs of the client. The deadline for the preparation of the plan will be agreed with each client personally upon the making of service offering and it varies depending on the length of the trip, requested level of details and destination.
  • TravelSelf will send the final version of the travel plan to the client and the client will pay the rest of the price of the plan.