TravelSelf team has three travel buddies. What are the first things which we relate to travelling and travels?

Jaanika Ulst: “ In the childhood we arranged expeditions with my sister. Usually it meant wandering in the middle of mud walls and mud puddles on the field across the road from the Granny’s and for our Mum’s great distress covering all our clothes and shoes with a thick mud layer. But already back then I knew there was a whole world out there for me, beautiful and peculiar. Perhaps I know this world slightly better now. I know he is like a perfect lover, someone you would like to know all about, yet someone who always remains a mystery.”

Ingrid Ulst: “I believe that it is the small things that make your day … such as discovering that the one and only tube of creme for the whole team has been accidentally emptied in the beginning of travel,  organizing a common laundry day on the shower floor of some hostel, finding your way under the temporary washing line made of a driving belt, reaching the tolerance level of your vocal cords due to a long-legged spider found in a camp bed, using a broken hanger for constructing the support frame to a backpack broken in a night-train … and all these other practical matters. For the sake of a successful trip I am not discouraged by the sudden appearance of a little green snake in the toilet, the hyenas wandering around campsite and the food poisoning most probably resulting from the baby-octopus salad. And whenever possible, I will try to include some archaeological object into the “must-see” list of the team because curiosity is the best quality even for a lousy archaeologist :) ”.

Triin Ulst: “It just came into my life. It started with some modest bus trips in Europe. It was great but something still seemed to be missing. Then it was followed by my very first plane flight and long train rides … all by myself.  Yes! Now everything inside of me was already screaming – I want more and more and more of  such landings in other dimensions, new places and activities,  excitement and thrill, astonishment and curiosity… Just wandering around with your mind open, enjoying the charm of small things and gaining new experience. Seeing an active volcano, experiencing gorilla hug, sharing a toilet with a snake, 120% crowded public transport or simply asking direction from local people … I need it and can’t do without…”


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