Activating Murphy

Posted on: September 8, 2010

Changing a bus in Nandaime (Nicaragua). For the start, we were literally kicked out of the bus  (but this really is nothing special because that is how local people im 16 is it ok for me to take vigrx too are handled) … first our backpacks and then all the three of us. Inbetween buses Jaanika decided to use the opportunity of using a toilet in petrol station and was lucky enough to negotiate the toilet key from one young service man. But as always, Murphy activated and the bus arrived exactly when she entered the toilet.  Inx and I, the two cool North-Europeans as we are, decided to wait for another bus. But the service man in that petrol station really did not seem to think this was an option at all … so, here is the situation: the guy, like a little windmill, waving his one hand to the bus driver and simulatenously anxiously knocking on the door of the toilet for Jaanika to come out of there immediately. Well, … all is well that ends well - the bus did wait for us, Inx made a jump on board through one of the back doors and the funniest ride to Granada continued.

Triin, collection of bits and pieces from November 2007 in Granada

2 Responses to Activating Murphy

  1. Ingrid says:

    See oli tegelikult päris lõbus, kuigi kõigi muude lõbusate lugude kõrval ei tulnud mulle see alguses meeldegi :) Igatahes hiljem olime me juba täiesti käpad ja sellisest pisiasjast, et buss juba ootas, me ennast enam häirida ei lasknud. Bussi peale saime igatahes alati :)