Dear Friends,

My grandfather was a passionate fisherman. My mother is a self-forgetting reader. Most people have found a few passions in their lives, either sailing, collecting stamps, cinema or HGH gourmet food. Things that make their eyes shine and living without hard to imagine. Travelling is our passion. Passion and addiction, which makes us wish to experience it again and again. This feeling is overwhelming. It starts while passing by an airport, when you feel your heart in your mouth and a slightly dreamy smile sneaking on your face. The spontaneous smile that recognizes the place where most adventures begin. We have spent the most exciting moments of our lives travelling. Wonderful friendships have begun while being on the road. This feeling is powerful enough having led three people, all lazy by nature, to complement the almighty world of web with another webpage.

And yet, I struggle trying to express my affection in words. People describe so skilfully the dept of their passion. Football is better than sex! Suddenly I feel the vocabulary is too limited. And like a first-class fumbler, eventually I am able to compare my passion only with the severe infectious disease. Easy to get infected, but no cure. Regardless, the patients with travel infection are very different from other victims of diseases. They willingly face their destiny and secretly hope they would never be cured. Please read about the details of our diagnosis here.

Jaanika and Travelself team

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